Since its inception, the Bujar Daku Group has been actively involved with fundraising efforts at each location. Bujar Daku feels strongly about giving back to the communities his restaurants serve. Ranging from local to national charities, each concept has exceeded expectations set by fundraising hosts in order to raise the most possible with each event. With locations located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey there are a variety of possible events and locations that can be designed to support your charity. 

The following is just a sample of organizations the Bujar Daku Group has donated to and supported:

  • Sea Isle Terrapin Rescue 
  • Villa Maria by the Sea
  • American Red Cross
  • Autism Speaks
  • Sea Isle City Ambulance Crop.
  • Rock Against Diabetes
  • Coaches vs. Cancer
  • Cure Autism Now
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Faithful Friends
  • Last Cruise

Each location is proud to sponsor events and reaches out in various forms of marketing and publicity in order to make sure each individual event receives the exposure not only for our restaurants, but also the charity being represented. A wide variety of on site or off site events can be organized to fit your organizations needs.

For more information, contact the corporate office at